History and Progress of Society

THE BRAHMAVARTA GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA has been established at Kanpur in 1995 as a result of long felt need for an academic forum in the northern part of the country. The aim of the society is advancement, promotion and diffusion of geographical knowledge by (i) publishing research articles in the form of Journals, books, monographs and proceedings.(ii)Organising seminars, symposia and workshop. (iii)Providing a forum where teachers of geography, allied subjects and students may meet and discuss matters of their common interest.

The Brahmavarta geographical society of India publishes geographical Journal, namely, "Uttar Pradesh Geographical Journal" since 1996. The Journal got international recognition number ISSN 0975-4903.It is published annually. Membership is open to geographers, planners, research scholars and scientists belonging to allied disciplines. Interested persons may enroll as life members of BGSI. The Journal is published in both Hindi and English.



Seminars & Workshops

THE BRAHMAVARTA GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA actively participated in organizing seminars. Seminars and Workshops are regularly organized by the society to promote geographical research activities in field of Water resources, Micro-level Planning, Rural Development, Tourism, Urban Planning, Population and Environmental development.

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